Joyce Deutscher worked as an artist and an art teacher in Regina and surrounding areas over about a fifty year period beginning in the 1950's. For the two of us who have created and who maintain this site she is our favourite aunt. The site is intended for anyone who knows or knew Joyce, or anyone interested in Saskatchewan and prairie art. It offers you a look at her work - much of which has never been shown or has not been seen for many years.

George Dew

Joan Amundsen

Joyce at home in her kitchen, 2005

Moving Day: The remainder of Joyce's art has been donated to the F.T. Hill museum in Riverhurst, SK (Joyce's home town). We are delighted that we have found this opportunity to give her work a permanent home and to make it available to the public. More information on the museum can be found at F.T. Hill Museum.

The move from Regina

Welcome to the museum

Sorting and documenting

The first exhibit